Professor X’s Powers You Wish You Possess

Charles Francis Xavier who is commonly known as the Professor X is one of the most powerful mutant X-Men characters. He has the ability to read the minds of the people around him. In fact, here are his other powers you wish you have right now:

  1.    He knows how to destroy every evil mutant on Earth

To someone who is powerful, knowing how to defeat each and every evil mutant in the world is the very least that he can do. It is believed that Professor X has compiled the full list of the Earth’s most dangerous mutants with instructions on how to destroy them.

  1.    He can learn different languages in just minutes!

Would you believe that Professor X can learn and teach various languages without any mentor? He will just read the book or any manual that he has then viola, new language has been added to his knowledge. Learning different languages is one of the people’s wish in order to land a job that requires them to be an expert in a certain language. In Professor X’s situation, learning a new language is just a piece of a cake.

  1. 3.    He can work with your brain structure


The most mysterious woman in X-Men characters, Raven Darkholme or popularly known as Mystique. Who was born with superhuman abilities that make her one of the mutants, she can easily mimic the appearance as well as the voice of any person she’d like to copy and deceive any person in front of her.

The woman behind the x-men group

Mystique was the woman behind the formation of the x-men group but her own point of view contradicts the goal of the group. She, later on, ended up working for Magneto.

In 2009, IGN ranked her as the 18th greatest comic book villain of all time. A shape shifter who fell in love first with Wolverine but then again had children in different men.

Mystique’s Children:

  1.    Nightcrawler

When she had a one-night stand with the demonic Azazel, Nightcrawler was born. Nightcrawler inherited the power of his mother, same skin color which is blue and eyes that are yellow.

  1.    Graydon Creed

A normal child of Mystique and Sabretooth, who dreamt of being the President of an anti-mutant ticket to put an end to the entire mutant race, but then she alone had to assassinate him.

  1.    Rogue

The adopted daughter of Mystique who


HulkmanHulkman is a student with a strong interest in art. In one instance when the house they were sleeping in was invaded by enemy forces, he used his superhuman abilities and turned his body to metal after which he attacked the invading soldiers and punched them through a wall. He plays a key role in rescue missions and ensures the other students are always safe and hidden from the enemies.

In another instance when the rest of the students were in battle with an enemy and fire blasts the buildings around them turning everything into flames, he turns to steel and touches his fellow student’s head thereby transferring his powers to him.

Hulkman takes advantage of his superhuman abilities to wage veracious battles with the enemy and destroying them almost instantly. This sort of protection makes learning to go on despite the threat of invaders all around them.

The Background of Hulkman

Hulkman is among the few surviving mutants who with others has been busy holding off the attacking enemies. One of the attackers initially overpowered him but his colleagues came to his rescue. Thereafter, Hulkman recovered and beat the enemies to victory.

In one particular fight, the enemy grabbed


TrumanTruman has a simple mission in life, to search for the books of truth. As second in command of his splinter team, Truman plays a huge role in solving murder mysteries and even goes ahead to falsify identity documents so as to convince local authorities. Thanks to the networks he has built through people, Truman is able to uncover even the shadiest killings.

At one time, Truman joined an investigative body and was assigned to one of the areas that had a very high population and high rates of crime and poverty. His mission there was to resolve crimes related to mutants. While working in his various roles, Truman found himself embracing other duties such as saving children who were being captured from their villages by solders.

On orders from above, some people had been sent to locate any person who had anything to do with knowledge of the future and this put Truman’s life on the line as he was the only target. Luckily, they were unable to locate his whereabouts and terminate him. This is because Truman had the ability to block communication channels.

Powers and Abilities of Truman

Truman can be able to absorb different types


CyclopticIf you have never witnessed toughness of character, Cycloptic is your guy. He is one leader who keeps everything together and at times this means clashing with others. He has a unique capability of firing optic blasts from his eyes and this has largely contributed to him occupying leadership positions.

While in school, Cycloptic was only allowed to wear glasses by the teacher in detention. In one instance, when he was in detention just writing on the board, one of his fellow students whom they were not getting along very well came up to him with malicious intentions. Cycloptic tried escaping but he was caught down the hallways.

In this position, he was forced to unleash his powers and blasted three levels of the school. Immediately after, he was apprehended and tranquilized before being imprisoned.

During battle, Cycloptic leads the rest and makes use of his optic blast to destroy his enemies and ensure his turf is always covered and protected.

The Superhuman Abilities of Cycloptic

Cycloptic has the capability of releasing powerful energy blasts right through his eyes. The blasts are uncontrollable and continuously fire from his eyes the moment he opens them. In


Spider XAs a young man going through the turbulent 20s, his rich father who was an industrialist was motivated by SpiderX’s mutation to create a special cure for mutants. SpiderX according tol his father was going to be the first test subject or rather guinea pig of this cure. Not known to his father, SpiderX broke out of his restraints and escaped to seek sanctuary at a mansion far away.

When the island where his father lived was attacked and his father captured, SpiderX came in just in time to save him. Later, he was seen flying over a bridge as it was getting fixed and thereafter flew over a park to the amazement of children who were watching him.

The Background of SpiderX

SpiderX is an American with a family which had the British heritage. According to his story, he was disowned by his wealthy family due to his mutation. As part of a fight club in Berlin, Germany, SpiderX managed to take down not one or two but ten of his opponents. Later, he was put up against another opponent who kept on evading him instead of fighting him. On realizing this, SpiderX forced him to fight

Invisible Controller

Controller is a natural genius who attained a doctor of philosophy degree from a top notch American university. After he completed his thesis on genetic mutation, he was approached by the Central Intelligence Agency to help in stopping a mutant who is a threat.

Controller and another colleague collaborate with the agency to find and capture the mutant. However, on arriving at the scene, they found the mutant had already been captured. When the mutant was interrogated, he revealed that he intended to cause a third world war that would wipe every other person save for the mutants who will then become the dominant species.

Controller plays a key role through his telepathy to help lots of other mutants to rich new heights in their magnetic ability. Also, he trains others to control their powers.

When the mutant Controller had been asked to capture started issuing threats and causing a standoff, Controller summons his new team into action. Using his telepathic powers, Controller searches for the mutant but finds himself unable to locate him because the mutant has a helmet that blocks all the telepathic contact. On realizing this, Controller takes captive the mind of an officer in charge of