CyclopticIf you have never witnessed toughness of character, Cycloptic is your guy. He is one leader who keeps everything together and at times this means clashing with others. He has a unique capability of firing optic blasts from his eyes and this has largely contributed to him occupying leadership positions.

While in school, Cycloptic was only allowed to wear glasses by the teacher in detention. In one instance, when he was in detention just writing on the board, one of his fellow students whom they were not getting along very well came up to him with malicious intentions. Cycloptic tried escaping but he was caught down the hallways.

In this position, he was forced to unleash his powers and blasted three levels of the school. Immediately after, he was apprehended and tranquilized before being imprisoned.

During battle, Cycloptic leads the rest and makes use of his optic blast to destroy his enemies and ensure his turf is always covered and protected.

The Superhuman Abilities of Cycloptic

Cycloptic has the capability of releasing powerful energy blasts right through his eyes. The blasts are uncontrollable and continuously fire from his eyes the moment he opens them. In order to prevent himself from causing an intentional damage and destruction, he wears special kind of glasses.

The beams can blast through concrete, steel, and wood as well as send his targets flying backwards. With a dial on the visors, he can alter the intensity of the beam to blow out even thick steel. The visor can also be able to restrain the full power of the blast.

Whenever he found himself cornered in school, he would blow through the floors of the building leaving a trail of flames.

Cycloptic loves wearing his red tinted glasses because they enable him to see just like normal glasses and also allow him to protect other people from his ability. This is important when interacting with friends because he wouldn’t want them to be hurt.

When on serious missions, Cycloptic loves wearing a protective visor. The purpose of this is to allow him focus his ability as well as control the size and intensity of the blast.

The sense of humor that Cycloptic has is unmatched. At one point, he started making fun of his uniform and his dislike for them. This enables him to get along well with others and even hide his ferocious side.

When Cycloptic meets you for the first time and doesn’t sense any danger or threat, he immediately exposes his polite and calm side and can even shake hands with you. This side of him makes others see him as a vulnerable person not knowing that in the twinkle of an eye, he can turn things over and blast them to oblivion.

One the enviable attributes of Cycloptic is his ability to make decisions in battle. Occasionally, people tend to be a bit slow and indecisive when confronted with an unexpected occurrence in battle but for Cycloptic, he is quick to spell the way forward. This is why he is always seen as strong, tough, and a leader who is determined.