HulkmanHulkman is a student with a strong interest in art. In one instance when the house they were sleeping in was invaded by enemy forces, he used his superhuman abilities and turned his body to metal after which he attacked the invading soldiers and punched them through a wall. He plays a key role in rescue missions and ensures the other students are always safe and hidden from the enemies.

In another instance when the rest of the students were in battle with an enemy and fire blasts the buildings around them turning everything into flames, he turns to steel and touches his fellow student’s head thereby transferring his powers to him.

Hulkman takes advantage of his superhuman abilities to wage veracious battles with the enemy and destroying them almost instantly. This sort of protection makes learning to go on despite the threat of invaders all around them.

The Background of Hulkman

Hulkman is among the few surviving mutants who with others has been busy holding off the attacking enemies. One of the attackers initially overpowered him but his colleagues came to his rescue. Thereafter, Hulkman recovered and beat the enemies to victory.

In one particular fight, the enemy grabbed Hulkman’s punch and absorbed his powers which enabled him to mimic his organic steel flesh. Hulkman however is able to send himself into the past and he can regroup again with his friends for yet another attack on his enemies.

Hulkman’s Personality

Despite his fearful appearance, Hulkman is a gentle and kind soul who is always disposed to help other students particularly the younger ones and doesn’t fear putting his life on the line for their sake.

In addition to his talent for art, Hulkman has a cheeky sense of humor. His protective nature can be traced back to his family where he grew up as a middle child with a younger sister to protect. At one point in time, he had to fight to defend her sister from being kidnapped by some invaders.

He also has a huge dislike for obscenity and explicit displays.

Powers and Abilities

Hulkman is one person with lots of superhuman powers. His organic steel form or rather metal exoskeleton enables him to convert the entire tissue of his body into a steel-like substance. Though unknown in composition, the steel body appears to be like carbon steel. Whenever he finds it appropriate, he can easily transform himself into an armor-like state.

Hulkman also possesses superhuman strength. This enables him to send other people flying just with one arm and can even dent metal or break stone effortlessly. Even without assuming his metallic form, Hulkman was able to breakthrough a wall with his fist and carried a huge television under one arm. According to estimations, his strength level is roughly 70 tons.

One other attribute that Hulkman is known for, is his superhuman resilience. When he changes to his armored form, he becomes completely bulletproof and he cannot be harmed in any way. In his sight, most victims are left weak and powerless. Even during explosions, Hulkman is not affected despite the collateral damage.