Invisible Controller

Controller is a natural genius who attained a doctor of philosophy degree from a top notch American university. After he completed his thesis on genetic mutation, he was approached by the Central Intelligence Agency to help in stopping a mutant who is a threat.

Controller and another colleague collaborate with the agency to find and capture the mutant. However, on arriving at the scene, they found the mutant had already been captured. When the mutant was interrogated, he revealed that he intended to cause a third world war that would wipe every other person save for the mutants who will then become the dominant species.

Controller plays a key role through his telepathy to help lots of other mutants to rich new heights in their magnetic ability. Also, he trains others to control their powers.

When the mutant Controller had been asked to capture started issuing threats and causing a standoff, Controller summons his new team into action. Using his telepathic powers, Controller searches for the mutant but finds himself unable to locate him because the mutant has a helmet that blocks all the telepathic contact. On realizing this, Controller takes captive the mind of an officer in charge of the vessel where the mutant is in and destroys it hence averting a nuclear catastrophe.

Personality of Invisible Controller

Controller had built a reputation among his fellow mutants as a caring and compassionate person. He is the sort of person who refuses to give up on people and always believes that they can be saved. His greatest attribute is his unique ability to believe in hope and never to give up irrespective of the odds stacked against him.

However, following his earlier history, Controller was not always heroic and hopeful. At one time, he lost his legs and seeing how this was too much for him, he hid in a mansion to escape the scrutiny of the world. It took combined efforts of his friends in order for Controller to return to his heroic personality by letting him see all the good he would capable of doing and the suffering which could be prevented.

Unlike other mutants, Controller has no hatred for humans, but rather believes that both humans and mutants can peacefully coexist and as such there is no reason to risk human lives. He prefers diplomatic solutions to problems but when confronted incessantly, he is isn’t afraid of being forceful.

Powers and Abilities

Controller possesses so many superhuman powers which have to a larger extent enabled him to win his battles and succeed against all odds.

Telepathy Controller is the most powerful telepath in the world thanks to his wide array of telepathic powers. He is capable of scanning another person’s brain and getting all the information he needs including memories.

Telepathic Cloak He can easily make himself invisible by simply manipulating the minds of others. He uses this power occasionally to hide himself and launch attacks.

Mental Detection He can be able to sense where mutants are within the horizon. When he combines this with mind control and mental possession, he can be able to take charge of another party and command them to do whatever he wants.