The most mysterious woman in X-Men characters, Raven Darkholme or popularly known as Mystique. Who was born with superhuman abilities that make her one of the mutants, she can easily mimic the appearance as well as the voice of any person she’d like to copy and deceive any person in front of her.

The woman behind the x-men group

Mystique was the woman behind the formation of the x-men group but her own point of view contradicts the goal of the group. She, later on, ended up working for Magneto.

In 2009, IGN ranked her as the 18th greatest comic book villain of all time. A shape shifter who fell in love first with Wolverine but then again had children in different men.

Mystique’s Children:

  1.    Nightcrawler

When she had a one-night stand with the demonic Azazel, Nightcrawler was born. Nightcrawler inherited the power of his mother, same skin color which is blue and eyes that are yellow.

  1.    Graydon Creed

A normal child of Mystique and Sabretooth, who dreamt of being the President of an anti-mutant ticket to put an end to the entire mutant race, but then she alone had to assassinate him.

  1.    Rogue

The adopted daughter of Mystique who is formerly known as Anna Marie, Anna Marie became a rebellious child after her aunt took care of her which is indeed strict and authoritarian guardian. Later on, Mystique approached her and takes her as one of her own children, that’s when Anna Marie became “Rogue” in X-men.

Joining the X-Men

Mystique mimicked Rogue to seduce Gambit, he who happens to be Rogue’s boyfriend, thinking that they could not make love with each other, since Rogue’s power can absorb his essence when their skin touch.

Mystique approached the X-men telling everyone that she would like to be part of them simply because she’s lonely for several years. While the rest of the X-men decide, Nightcrawler suggests that she must leave as he needs more time in adjusting. When Mystique came back, she brought Augustus to be part of the X-Men too.

Mystique’s Powers

She is not your ordinary shape shifter, Mystique has the ability to rejuvenate her body’s cells making her look young in years that passes by. She can hide and alter her scent to any dangerous mutants who are trying to hunt her down. She can heal wounds in just a matter of seconds and these what make her unique and mysterious among any other x-men characters.

Actresses who played the role of Mystique

The 44-year old American actress was the first one to role play the character of Mystique during the first trilogy of the X-men film series, while the young Mystique was played by Morgan Lily in 2011.

Jennifer Lawrence, the latest actress who played the character of Mystique, a certified actress and very vocal advocate of feminism and gender equality. She started to be the Mystique in X-men films since 2011 and 2014 during the X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-men Apocalypse in 2016.