Professor X’s Powers You Wish You Possess

Charles Francis Xavier who is commonly known as the Professor X is one of the most powerful mutant X-Men characters. He has the ability to read the minds of the people around him. In fact, here are his other powers you wish you have right now:

  1.    He knows how to destroy every evil mutant on Earth

To someone who is powerful, knowing how to defeat each and every evil mutant in the world is the very least that he can do. It is believed that Professor X has compiled the full list of the Earth’s most dangerous mutants with instructions on how to destroy them.

  1.    He can learn different languages in just minutes!

Would you believe that Professor X can learn and teach various languages without any mentor? He will just read the book or any manual that he has then viola, new language has been added to his knowledge. Learning different languages is one of the people’s wish in order to land a job that requires them to be an expert in a certain language. In Professor X’s situation, learning a new language is just a piece of a cake.

  1. 3.    He can work with your brain structure

Professor X can even reprogram what you see and what you feel, he has the ability to make you suffer from pain and he can even remove it from you. How ironic, as being ordinary people as we are, we often seek the help of doctors on how can we feel better when we’re ill, but this fictional x-men character, Professor X can heal you at anytime he wants.

  1.    He can withstand all the challenges even if it means standing alone.

We all both know the fact that the enemies of Professor X are his friends like Magneto and stepbrothers. Though he’s meant to turn them down, it still doesn’t matter to him for as long as they spread the acts of evil. Only the loyal ones remain beside Professor X.

  1.    He can transfer his power to any vessel or a person

Many times people have underestimated Professor X because he is in a wheelchair, but other people do not know, he can transfer his mind as well as his power to any host body if he wants to explain everything and that save more of his time.

  1. 6.    Photographic Memory

Professor X has the ability to remember all photos and memories he saw even in the past, without missing single information at all. He always uses this kind power of his to solve the problem and how to defeat his opponents.

  1.    Professor X can talk to animals

This is a great example that no language can be a barrier to Professor X if he needs to talk even to animals just to know the truth. While the other mutants hardly find ways to talk to animals, Professor X talking to animals is like talking someone on the phone.