HulkmanHulkman is a student with a strong interest in art. In one instance when the house they were sleeping in was invaded by enemy forces, he used his superhuman abilities and turned his body to metal after which he attacked the invading soldiers and punched them through a wall. He plays a key role in rescue missions and ensures the other students are always safe and hidden from the enemies.

In another instance when the rest of the students were in battle with an enemy and fire blasts the buildings around them turning everything into flames, he turns to steel and touches his fellow student’s head thereby transferring his powers to him.

Hulkman takes advantage of his superhuman abilities to wage veracious battles with the enemy and destroying them almost instantly. This sort of protection makes learning to go on despite the threat of invaders all around them.

The Background of Hulkman

Hulkman is among the few surviving mutants who with others has been busy holding off the attacking enemies. One of the attackers initially overpowered him but his colleagues came to his rescue. Thereafter, Hulkman recovered and beat the enemies to victory.

In one particular fight, the enemy grabbed