Spider XAs a young man going through the turbulent 20s, his rich father who was an industrialist was motivated by SpiderX’s mutation to create a special cure for mutants. SpiderX according tol his father was going to be the first test subject or rather guinea pig of this cure. Not known to his father, SpiderX broke out of his restraints and escaped to seek sanctuary at a mansion far away.

When the island where his father lived was attacked and his father captured, SpiderX came in just in time to save him. Later, he was seen flying over a bridge as it was getting fixed and thereafter flew over a park to the amazement of children who were watching him.

The Background of SpiderX

SpiderX is an American with a family which had the British heritage. According to his story, he was disowned by his wealthy family due to his mutation. As part of a fight club in Berlin, Germany, SpiderX managed to take down not one or two but ten of his opponents. Later, he was put up against another opponent who kept on evading him instead of fighting him. On realizing this, SpiderX forced him to fight