TrumanTruman has a simple mission in life, to search for the books of truth. As second in command of his splinter team, Truman plays a huge role in solving murder mysteries and even goes ahead to falsify identity documents so as to convince local authorities. Thanks to the networks he has built through people, Truman is able to uncover even the shadiest killings.

At one time, Truman joined an investigative body and was assigned to one of the areas that had a very high population and high rates of crime and poverty. His mission there was to resolve crimes related to mutants. While working in his various roles, Truman found himself embracing other duties such as saving children who were being captured from their villages by solders.

On orders from above, some people had been sent to locate any person who had anything to do with knowledge of the future and this put Truman’s life on the line as he was the only target. Luckily, they were unable to locate his whereabouts and terminate him. This is because Truman had the ability to block communication channels.

Powers and Abilities of Truman

Truman can be able to absorb different types